Unforgettablenight.com is a photo exhibition, a nightlife guide and source of creative inspiration from Bjorn Borg, the underwear and apparel brand named after one of the most iconic sportsmen in history.

The concept is to create an online platform that brings together professional and amateur photographers from around the world to create a digital exhibition wall documenting unforgettable nightlife from all corners of our planet.

Since the 15th February 2013, each week the site has featured a photo series from a professional nightlife photographer documenting their own unforgettable night, with inspiration taken from the stories of Sven Marquardt and Pablo Frisk.

In total seven photographers will have the chance to express their interpretations of the brief from cities around Europe including Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm and Amsterdam. So far photographers featured include Miss Popo and Sam Hiscock. As well as the main site you can check out their images on the Bjorn Borg tumblr account.

In our opinion where this campaign really comes to life is via the Instagram feed which currently features nearly 7,000 spontaneous and impulsive images all tagged #unforgettablenight.

By including the Bjorn Borg party pants (we're not joking) in your image you could be in with a chance to win a ticket to a party in true Bjorn Borg style.

Bjorn Borg says Ja to unforgettable nights, what do you say to this campaign idea?

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