Wondercool 2013

We love Danish design at The Creative Pie from timeless furniture to minimalist watch design they just know how to create cool.

So it seemed perfect to us, that starting tomorrow Copenhagen plays host to an inspirational cultural event titled Wondercool showcasing the best Denmark has to offer across art, music, fashion, food, design and architecture.

Wondercool Copenhagen is in its third year and from 1st - 28th February cultural events take place across the whole city. So if you are looking for some design inspiration and want an excuse for a weekend escape there looks to be no better place to go.  

Some of the highlights include:

Exhibition: Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan uses a variety of everyday materials such as drinking straws, nails and buttons as a basis for her works. She chooses pieces of one material that she assembles, glues and stacks one above the other, or otherwise repeats or accumulates into a form that offers entirely new and unexpected experiences.

Secret Saturday Walk: North West

The North Western part of Copenhagen is an unexplored area for many. Now you can go on an adventure there accompanied by artist and storyteller Annette Skov.

Macaroons with attitude

Copenhagen Fashion Festival is around the corner, and again this year La Glace offers their stylish macaroons.

It is the 10th time that La Glace offers a designer collaboration, and this season the macaroons are designed by the menswear designer, Astrid Andersen. Stop by and enjoy a La Glace and Astrid Andersen macaroon with licorice, rasberry, white chocolate, lemon and star anise.

Sounds great to us, let us know if you plan to visit or have done in the past.

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