Unique crane's eye view of London - Nokia Lumia 920 PureView

It seems crane drivers are really having their moment in the spotlight this year. First John Young gave an insight to The Evening Standard into what life was like perched above the city of London as the 'highest man in Europe' working on the development of The Shard. Now Eugene Benjamin has had his chance to offer us an insight into his job and the unique perspective he has of our city in his review of the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone.

The video released on YouTube is an interesting companion to the more  traditional slick advertising which is more accustomed to the launch of a new smartphone and attempts to humanise the phone experience. The choice of the crane driver profession provides instant intrigue as it is a position very few people will have ever experienced and nicely enables Eugene to show of some of the phones key features. Namely the Lumia 920's super sensitive touch screen technology (you can use phone with gloves), and the Nokia City Lens augmented reality browser app which helps you to identifying landmarks by simply pointing your camera view finder at them.

As well as the strong feature focus in the video there are some great tilt shift style images of London which adds extra interest. Combine this video with the rest of the Lumia marketing and the Switch campaign seems to be working well with a lot of positive sentiment about both the phone and the brand.

Is it enough to make you switch?

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