Havana Man - The Mini Cuban Super Hero

Combine a premium rum, a quirky idea and a self-taught but truly great director and stop-motion animator and you get Havana Man, possibly the worlds smallest but coolest super hero.

The premise is simple, a well dressed guy is about to enjoy 'Mojito time' until a mischievous pirate sails down the bar and steals his microscopic drink! The man dives into his car, instantly morphing into Havana Man (our new favourite super hero) and the chase ensues with Havana Man intent on justice prevailing.

The stop-motion animation by Patrick Boivin for Havana Club is superb, in particular the quality of the lighting. The way the film cuts between stop motion and traditional animation is a nice touch and the story is fast paced and full of charm. We love the bit with the olive head. Watch it and you will see!

The payoff at the end of the film is also great with a link to another beautifully made video, The Best Smallest Mojito In The World. Together these videos make a really fun campaign, we're thirsty for more!

Great stuff Havana Man.

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