Wunderful Stuff From Muller

Live action, check. 2D characters, check. 3D animation, check. A large dose of nostalgia, check. A totally new direction for a popular brand, check.

By now you have probably seen the new Muller Yogurt integrated campaign 'Wunderful Stuff' which launched during October this year. The campaign has seen a big departure from the Nina Simone soundtracked adverts to something altogether more playful and fun. 

The new campaign hinges on the concept of making the mundane wonderful through the addition of a magical ingredient. Stir into the mix Yogi Bear, Muttley, most of the Mister Men cast and Kitt from Knight Rider and you have a team of TV characters ready to shatter the mundane and create their own brand of wonderful chaos. How could anyone consider eating a plain yogurt after this?

Wunderful stuff is a visual treat and a dose of nostalgia for those who grew up with these characters on their TV screens. The production is certainly impressive with 2D characters including Yogi Bear hand animated in the traditional style. The 3D work is also stunning and when this is all combined with live action we see a new direction for Muller that is certain to stick in the memory.

As Muller say on their website, "There’s big stuff, small stuff, nice stuff and nasty stuff. But we think something’s missing. We think the world needs more W├╝nderful Stuff".

This is Wunderful stuff alright and we will be watching the development of Muller's new direction with interest. What's next for the campaign and which characters will feature next, watch this space?

In the meantime you can enjoy seeing how Wunderful Stuff was created and other campaign goodies by watching the videos below. Also check out the Muller Facebook page for more news.
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