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Did you know about Tiger Beers 'Know The Not Known Campaign'? Well, if not you do now. Through a series of different creative media partnerships (Vice and Empire) since it's launch in October 2010 The Know The Not Known campaign has been provoking curiosity and rewarding engagement through a series of bespoke events including the London Fields Halloween extravaganza and creative content creation projects.

'Know The Not Known' has featured content from up and coming talents in the worlds of art, music, design and film and continues to provide access to underground, invite only Vice magazine supported events. Check out http://www.facebook.com/tigerbeeruk to have your curiosity rewarded.

Vice magazine have played a large part in the campaign and have created three great pieces of bespoke video content as part of their 'The Found Series' which explores some amazing creative spaces through the eyes of the people who have found and transformed them into unique environments for creativity to flourish.

Check out the videos below:

Episode 1 - Lightship 95 Lightship 95 was built in 1939 to safely guide vessels entering the Thames Estuary – after its abandonment in the years that followed it was eventually bought by a music producer in 2006 and turned into a music studio. This unique studio is now an inspiration to London based musicians and this video documents London Garage Rock band Mazes recording sessions aboard Lightship 95.

Episode 2 - Off Modern Off Modern are a creative collective based in South East London. Since forming in late 2008 they have established themselves as a significant platform for young artists and musicians in the area, curating underground art and music events in a variety of unconventional spaces.

Episode 3 - This Is It Possibly our favourite and not just because we are biased towards Kingston graduates - well maybe a little bit!

This Is It are a collective of twelve young artists based in East London, each member an emerging talent working in the fields of animation, illustration and design. During evenings and weekends, when free from the constraints of their day jobs, This Is It inhabit a railway arch studio in Dalston where they create short films, transforming the space into surreal alternative realities.

The Tiger Beer campaign taps into that excitement that is inherent when discovering something new and by rewarding people for being curious it is a great way to build brand affiliation. Clever idea and it will be interesting to see where they go with it next.

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