Ringier Launch Revolutionary New I-Pad Appazine The Collection

The i-Pad has revolutionised the way we consume and enjoy news and magazine content online. Tablet devices can serve us with journalistic content in a more immediate and interactive way then ever before and iPad application 'The Collection' by Swiss media company Ringier takes current digital publishing app offerings to a new level.

The Collection is a single monthly topic magazine (otherwise know as an appazine) for the iPad and it delivers stylish, smart and well-designed infotainment in English, German, and Chinese.

Each monthly issue focuses on a single topic and uses the interactive features of the i-pad such as text, video, photography, audio, panoramic photography and 3-D, animation to present the subject in a truly entertaining and interactive way. You can download The Collection form the app store and discover more about the app on their Facebook page.

The first issue of The Collection focuses on Prince William — The British Monarchy’s Great Hope. It really is a rich experience and the almost seamless navigation allows you to absorb audio and video interviews, view stunning 360 degree panoramic photographs and 3D palace designs on the i-Pad's amazing screen, digest a broad range of information about Prince William including quirky interactive features such as turning Prince William bald!

Ringier's CEO and founder Thomas Trüb explains the concept behind The Collection; "the collection provides intelligent multimedia content for smart people with a sense of humour, who want to access a communicative information app conveniently from anywhere at any time, content that is demanding but fun at the same time."

We think that they have succeeded on almost all levels with The Collection and look forward to the second issue. Perhaps even more exciting for consumers of digital publishing is the fact that this app has raised the bar and has set a precedent for others to follow and attempt to better. This can only lead to more quality interactive journalistic content for us to enjoy.

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