Work, Play, Win - Dell Inspiron Duo

Do you want the best of both worlds? The productivity of a laptop combined with the ease, connivence and fun of a tablet computer. If the answer is yes then the new Dell Inspiron™ Duo could be for you. With it's unique rotating screen you can instantly flip from work to play, transforming your laptop into a tablet computer which becomes the perfect platform for gaming, movies and music entertainment. Instant stress relief! To promote the launch of the Duo, Dell have set up a new Facebook competition which gives  you the chance to win one. To illustrate the dual nature of the Duo, Dell are asking you to choose your favourite music tracks for work and for play. This is a pretty difficult task to name just one for each but at the moment ours are Iron & Wine's 'Walking Far From Home' for a chilled out studio environment and 'Keep The Car Running' by Arcade Fire, Cure inspired brilliance. What are your favourite tracks? The competition closes on the 21st April 2011, so you have a bit of time to decide. Popular tracks at the moment for work tracks include, Feeling Good by Muse and bizarrely Colours Of The Wind - Pocahontas from the Disney Movie Orchestra! All i can say is i'm glad i don't work in the same studio as the people whose tracks have made the top 30! As for the play tracks we have Happy Hour by The Housemartins leading the way. Have your say and change that list.

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