Halifax Travel Money Matchmaker

If you are planning this years summer holiday you may be curious to know which destination is your perfect match. The Halifax Holiday Matchmaker App for Facebook analyses the content of your Facebook page and attempts to find your perfect holiday based on your profile information, your relationships, location, hobbies, interests, books you read and previous places you visited.

The app then recommends a hotel to stay in as well as crucial information such as the price of a beer, what a tenner will get you, places to eat, up to date weather information and a book recommendation. Mine was The Complete Works Of Shakespeare due to my lack of profile information regarding books!

The results are nicely designed and easy to navigate through, and if you don't agree with the suggestion you can select from other popular destinations. I was matched with Rome which was very interesting considering we are thinking of visiting Italy in the summer. Try it for yourself and see how accurate you think it is.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Unruly Media and Halifax Bank.

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