Starbucks new logo revealed

So the name has been ditched as has the word coffee and the siren has been given a Gok Wan style makeover all so Starbucks can sell a new diverse product range without being tied to coffee.

It's easy to be cynical but we actually like the minimal progression and the focus on the symbolic icon that is the siren. The big question is will Starbucks loyal followers approve?

The move marks the third time the brand has changed its logo since its launch in 1971 in Seattle. Starbucks say the new logo will be rolled out to UK stores from 8 March where it will appear on the chain's exteriors, uniforms and in-store material. At the same time, its ceramic mugs will begin to be replaced by ones with a slimmer design. The aim is to rebrand the stores, of which there are 700 in the UK, at a rate of 100 per year.

More details on Starbuck's new identity can be found on their website, here. And on twitter.com/starbucks.

As many people have mentioned there is a current trend for less is more in the design world, nicely highlighted by these concepts for the repackaging of some of the worlds most well known brands.

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