Great Design And Some Fantastic British Beer

Sticking to the beverage theme i thought i would write a post to confirm the winner of our inaugural Christmas beer tasting event. The rules were simple, British beers sourced from some of the countries best independent breweries. The beers competing for the top prize were chosen by bottle and label design alone, nothing more scientific than that!

The standard was incredibly high and it is safe to say there were no disappointments, but the beer that came out on top for us was the cheeky Ginger Tom a mouthwatering combination of Robinson’s award winning Old Tom Ale and the amazing Fentiman's Ginger Beer. We also loved the name and the understated bottle design. A winner in all respects.

Other beers we recommend are from Scotland's Innis & Gunn's Brewery, London's Meantime Brewery and fellow London based brewery The Kernel. The Innis & Gunn rum cask and original beers are both brilliant and the bottle design really shows off their clarity and colour. The beers are aged in oak barrels which gives the beer its distinctive flavour and this unique production process (which was discovered by accident) really sets them apart.

Everyone knows that a beer is great for creative inspiration, but does a great beer produce greater inspiration? Will have to monitor that one! I think this beer tasting competition is sure to become a regular event, great British beers, and great packaging design. Can it get any better?

The majority of the beers in this article can be bought in supermarkets now which is good to see. Any suggestions for a beer we should feature next time would be very welcome.

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