Christmas anti-drink-driving campaign

This Christmas the charity, Campaign Against Drink Driving (CADD) launched this great ad campaign in an effort to reduce the number of drink-driving incidents over the festive period.

The print ads, by JWT London, cleverly recreate scenes of road traffic incidents using fragments from broken bottles of alcohol and carry the strapline "What's the price of a bottle?"

These beautifully crafted ads were shot by London based still life advertising photographer Andy Rudak.

The campaign follows a recent government decision to drastically slash the budget for its annual "Think – Don’t drink and drive" campaign from £3.4m in 2009, to £550,000 this year.

Apparently the reduction is justified because the government plan to move away from TV advertising and claim that most effective way of reaching a young audience nowadays tends to be via social media. This may be true but surely the budget is still on the small side for such an important issue.

We think this is a great campaign but wonder whether it will have got enough exposure to communicate its important message. What are your thoughts?

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