T-Mobile Welcome Home Advert - Heathrow Terminal 5

This is genius! T-Mobile strikes again with the first flashmob ever organised at a UK airport. This brilliant advert (event) see hundreds of strangers burst into spontaneous song and dance at T5 arrivals to welcome passengers home.

The advert premiered yesterday simultaneously across more than 86 digital and terrestrial commercial TV channels along with all of the major social networks. The launch was expected to reach nearly 10 million people across more than 2 million households across the UK.

Made by Saatchi and Saatchi, the advert was filmed, edited and broadcast in under 36 hours and is the first ever to be filmed at Terminal 5.

We love the the Kaiser Chiefs part (never been this far away from home). The look on the guys face is priceless!


  1. saw the advert when i was in ireland and it brought a tear to my eyes graet advert hopefully more to come

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  3. the idea was genial. I hope I'll witness a flashmob. It looks like big fun.


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