Beck's Shape Your Music Experience - Can You Guess The Track?

Beck's have launched a series of four cool viral competitions to promote the fact that they are giving away a free music download with every art label.

Inspired by his favourite download, Melvin Galapon, from the Young Creatives Network is the first of four innovative artists from Don’t Panic, CultureLabel and Jotta to create a unique music inspired artwork for the Becks Shape Your Music Experience.

In the video you can see Melvin create his unique light installation by painting on to a glass ball as it revolves on a turntable. Now here's the great part, if you can work out what music track has provided his inspiration, you could win this one-of-a-kind piece of priceless art.

Each day a clue will be published on the Beck’s Facebook page to help you work it out the answer. The great thing is you can make as many guesses as you like, so keep trying for a better chance of winning.

The next three artists work will be available to win over the coming weeks so make sure you don't miss their videos by regularly checking the Beck's Facebook page (and thecreativepie of course!).

Also remember that every art label from Beck’s Pils, Beck’s Vier and Beck’s Blue entitles you to one free music download from Play.com

Good luck with your guesses!

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