Fiona Banner At The Tait Britain - Harrier & Jaguar

Fiona Banner has taken Marcel Duchamps 'readymades' to another level in her current exhibition now showing at the Tait Britain. Banner has placed recently decommissioned fighter planes in the contrasting setting of the Duveen Galleries (how they got the planes into the Tait Britain is just as fascinating as the exhibition).

Banner explains that for her these objects represent the 'opposite of language', used as they are when the last communication channels fail. By bringing the human body and machine into such close proximity she is aiming to explore the tension between the intellectual perception of the fighter plane and the physical experience of the object.

The suspension of the Sea Harrier transforms the machine into a captive bird, the markings tattooing its surface evoking its namesake the Harrier Hawk. The Jaguar lies belly exposed, its posture suggestive of a submissive animal. Stripped and polished, its surface functions as a shifting mirror, exposing the audience to its own reactions. Both the Harrier and Jaguar remain ambiguous objects implying both captured beast and fallen trophy.

If you are looking for some creative inspiration in the form of an awe inspiring, jaw dropping experience visit the Tate Britain between 28 June 2010  –  3 January 2011 to come face to nose with these impressive and strangely beguiling icons of modern warfare.

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