Eyescream, amazing ice cream branding

I have recently started some brand development work for a new food outlet in London and stumbled across this brilliant branding example while doing some research.

I absolutely love this branding of unique ice cream company Eyescream & Friends in Barcelona, by design agency m Barcelona.

The product takes shaved ice cream (apparently has a texture somewhere between sorbet and ice cream) imported from Taiwan and adds a really fun playful theme.

The charaters created from the ice cream are amazing and add instant personality and appeal.

It just goes to show that playing with your food isn't always a bad thing!


Unforgettablenight.com is a photo exhibition, a nightlife guide and source of creative inspiration from Bjorn Borg, the underwear and apparel brand named after one of the most iconic sportsmen in history.

The concept is to create an online platform that brings together professional and amateur photographers from around the world to create a digital exhibition wall documenting unforgettable nightlife from all corners of our planet.

Since the 15th February 2013, each week the site has featured a photo series from a professional nightlife photographer documenting their own unforgettable night, with inspiration taken from the stories of Sven Marquardt and Pablo Frisk.

In total seven photographers will have the chance to express their interpretations of the brief from cities around Europe including Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm and Amsterdam. So far photographers featured include Miss Popo and Sam Hiscock. As well as the main site you can check out their images on the Bjorn Borg tumblr account.

In our opinion where this campaign really comes to life is via the Instagram feed which currently features nearly 7,000 spontaneous and impulsive images all tagged #unforgettablenight.

By including the Bjorn Borg party pants (we're not joking) in your image you could be in with a chance to win a ticket to a party in true Bjorn Borg style.

Bjorn Borg says Ja to unforgettable nights, what do you say to this campaign idea?


Wondercool 2013

We love Danish design at The Creative Pie from timeless furniture to minimalist watch design they just know how to create cool.

So it seemed perfect to us, that starting tomorrow Copenhagen plays host to an inspirational cultural event titled Wondercool showcasing the best Denmark has to offer across art, music, fashion, food, design and architecture.

Wondercool Copenhagen is in its third year and from 1st - 28th February cultural events take place across the whole city. So if you are looking for some design inspiration and want an excuse for a weekend escape there looks to be no better place to go.  

Some of the highlights include:

Exhibition: Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan uses a variety of everyday materials such as drinking straws, nails and buttons as a basis for her works. She chooses pieces of one material that she assembles, glues and stacks one above the other, or otherwise repeats or accumulates into a form that offers entirely new and unexpected experiences.

Secret Saturday Walk: North West

The North Western part of Copenhagen is an unexplored area for many. Now you can go on an adventure there accompanied by artist and storyteller Annette Skov.

Macaroons with attitude

Copenhagen Fashion Festival is around the corner, and again this year La Glace offers their stylish macaroons.

It is the 10th time that La Glace offers a designer collaboration, and this season the macaroons are designed by the menswear designer, Astrid Andersen. Stop by and enjoy a La Glace and Astrid Andersen macaroon with licorice, rasberry, white chocolate, lemon and star anise.

Sounds great to us, let us know if you plan to visit or have done in the past.


Ibis Sleep Art

You often hear people saying that they are not creative or they don't have a creative bone in their body, well Ibis Sleep Art project is here to show that anyone can create art and all they need to do is drop off to sleep!

Sleep Art is a clever marketing campaign that combines hi-tech bedding with a robotic Jackson Pollock to give competition winners the chance to stay in one of Ibis flagship hotels and at the same time create their unique masterpiece. So how does it work exactly?

Ibis hotels in Berlin, London, Paris let successful applicants sleep on beds that each have 80 sensors translating movement, sound and temperature into unique acrylic paintings by robotic arms connected through WiFi.

Each body movement is transformed into a stroke on a canvas throughout the night. In the morning, when you wake, there will be a work of art unique to you and your night’s sleep. Where the most heat was detected the robot paints using red, orange for moderate heat and yellow for those reptiles amongst us! We are guessing that the white lines illustrate movement.

The campaign has been running since October and Ibis have recently added new competition dates in Warsaw for December. So if you are interested in taking part or finding out more about the technology behind the idea visit their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ibis 


Unique crane's eye view of London - Nokia Lumia 920 PureView

It seems crane drivers are really having their moment in the spotlight this year. First John Young gave an insight to The Evening Standard into what life was like perched above the city of London as the 'highest man in Europe' working on the development of The Shard. Now Eugene Benjamin has had his chance to offer us an insight into his job and the unique perspective he has of our city in his review of the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone.

The video released on YouTube is an interesting companion to the more  traditional slick advertising which is more accustomed to the launch of a new smartphone and attempts to humanise the phone experience. The choice of the crane driver profession provides instant intrigue as it is a position very few people will have ever experienced and nicely enables Eugene to show of some of the phones key features. Namely the Lumia 920's super sensitive touch screen technology (you can use phone with gloves), and the Nokia City Lens augmented reality browser app which helps you to identifying landmarks by simply pointing your camera view finder at them.

As well as the strong feature focus in the video there are some great tilt shift style images of London which adds extra interest. Combine this video with the rest of the Lumia marketing and the Switch campaign seems to be working well with a lot of positive sentiment about both the phone and the brand.

Is it enough to make you switch?


Illustration Quebec Halloween Promotion

These beautifully illustrated sweet boxes were produced by 38 illustrators and given out by Illustration Quebec as a promotion to Art Directors in Montreal.

We think they are great and wished we had been sent one too!


Drambuie Extraordinary Bar Campaign

The Extraordinary Bar is a strange, surreal, warped world inhabited by a host of mysterious characters, who in a trance like state introduce the viewer to the complexities of the Drambuie drink. Lead by a bartender straight from the darker realms of the magic circle we witness a man carrying a large egg on his back muttering, spicy, spicy,spicy and a trio of suited gents chanting the three different syllables of Dram-boo-eee while standing in a marooned rowing boat in a surreal, Daliesque landscape.      

This crazy world is the TV and Cinema advert for Drambuie, the Scottish spirits brand created by London agency Sell Sell. Building on its A Taste of the Extraordinary integrated global marketing campaign which launched in 2011 the advert takes the campaigns surrealist art inspired concept to the next level of strangeness and it really works.

We loved the precision and detail of the printed campaign which sees the Drambuie bottle beautifully framed in a moonlight, monochrome world reminiscent of Escher and Dali. Now the filmed advert adds a new dimension to the campaign allowing it to spread virally and achieve its goal of reinvigorating the brand, introducing the spirit to a new generation of discerning drinkers

We think it is an exciting new direction for the brand and certainly one that distinguishes it from its competition. We will be interested to see where they take extraordinary next.

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